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Do you organize an event and would like the largest number of people to find out about it? Posters are the perfect solution to this situation! A well-made poster is not enough to provide the necessary information, it also encourages people to come to the organized event. However, when creating posters, remember that everything should be perfectly matched to the occasion. The most important thing is that the information about the place and time is legible, because it is your key to success. Of course, the poster does not have to inform only about the event. You can also use it to promote your new product.

We are aware that for some, creating a poster can be difficult. We are from that! Our team consists of creative graphic designers who will create posters for every occasion. We will show your product from the best side, in the most attractive way we will inform you about the organized project. See for yourself!

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Poster designing – stages of creation:

Before we start designing a poster, the client sets out his expectations and presents suggestions. Every time we do an interview, during which we set the assumptions and aims of designed posters to maximally bring the final effect of the work to the expectations of our clients.
When designing a poster, we have in mind all the priorities arising from conversations with the client. We will prepare an initial visualization of the poster for the client, which will serve as a basis for further work.
Designing is a process during which customers have constant insight into the progress of works so that it is possible to apply corrections to posters according to their wishes.
Poster design ends when the client accepts the finished project. Only then do we issue an invoice for posters.
Designing in our agency also has the ability to print and deliver ready-made posters to the client.

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