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It is not known today, that websites such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest are no longer used as social media portals. Now it is also a great place for entrepreneurs who can advertise their services and products. And what can help with this action, like not well-made graphics? If such graphics on social media is interesting, and attracts attention, it will be a hit. In the end, it’s about getting the most people to know about your site and then joining the community. It is important, that the profile looks good. What counts is the first impression the site will make on the visitor, which will result in higher ranges and motivation of the fans to interact.

Creating graphics can be a difficult task. If you do not have an idea, a vision of how such graphics could look like – that’s no problem. Our team is happy to help you design your dream social media graphic. You can trust us and we will prepare the graphics to be compatible with the latest trends and standards, so that your site will look aesthetically and attractively. Your satisfaction with our services is the most important to us. We want our graphic design for social media to give a unique effect and at the same time be tailored to individual needs. Graphic design is a process that we do from A to Z. We make a reliable valuation for graphic design. We value each project individually, so go ahead and write what you need!

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Graphics for social media – stages of creation:


Before we start designing graphics on social media, the client determines his expectations and presents suggestions related to the graphic design on social media. Every time we do an interview, during which we set the assumptions and aims to be fulfilled by the designed graphics on social media, in order to maximally bring the final effect of works to the expectations of our clients.

Designing graphics for social media we start with all priorities arising from conversations with the client. We will prepare an initial visualization of the graphic design for social media for the client, which will serve as a basis for further work.
Designing graphics for social media is a process during which customers have constant insight into the progress of work, so that you can apply any corrections to the design according to their wishes.
Designing graphics for social media ends when the client accepts the finished project. Only then we issue an invoice for the graphic design for social media.
Designed graphics for social media in our agency also has the ability to print and deliver to the customer the materials related to the design of graphics for social media.

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