Nowadays, the website is not enough. A lot of your customers most of the time spent in the network, actively using social media. Some of your competitors already promote their brands in social media, however, most often they run a profile on only one portal. In order to maximize your marketing activities, you should use all the power of social media. Show what you have the best by choosing our service – leading Google+.

Google has created a product for its users, that is a response to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Google+ is over 540 million users who, thanks to various advertising campaigns, have the opportunity to promote their products and services they offer.

Join them and also share your activities with the fans. Post interesting posts, original graphics and videos, that will inform you about the news in your brand. You will gain new observers by running Google+, and you will keep the interest of those who have already met you.

Leading Google+ also means the opportunity to gather opinions on the products and services offered. Let your clients rate what they like best, what could be improved and what should not be. Respond to their comments, messages. Encourage them to buy, offer discounts or other promotions.

Leading Google+ supports marketing activities, that promote your products and services. Thanks to promotional mechanisms, your ads will reach relevant target groups of potential new customers. Leading Google+ improves the visibility of your brand on the web. Google above displays its profiles and all content shared on Google+. All available tools and channels will be integrated, such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Play, Drive, etc.

We know that in order to get the best results, it takes a lot of time and effort, which not everyone can afford. In this case, our agency comes to help. Leading Google+ is a service we handle from A to Z. We use proven standards and modern methods of online promotion, which we have used to promote many, diverse companies. For us what counts is your satisfaction with our services and that your aims and needs are met, why boldly write to us, what you need

What we offer?

Creating a profile on social media


Creating, selecting and adding entries on the profile

Creating and leading advertising campaigns in social media

Monitor, collect and analyze profile data and advertising campaigns.

How are we doing?


Choice of medium and type of communication and analysis of the potential target group.


Defining the aims, creating a well-thought-out strategy and determining the budget.


Layout when publishing ads and posts on social media.


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