Facebook is a social network that is used by 2 billion people a month. This number is strikingly large and is constantly growing! If only to narrow down the number of users from Poland, at the moment there are over 13 million. It is not difficult to count, that Facebook is visited by almost every fourth of your clients. On average, each of them checks the Facebook portal 14 times a day for 40 minutes. It is therefore an ideal place, where you can promote your products and services. So do not ignore the power that Facebook has!

Our team consists of people for whom leading Facebook is not foreign. They have knowledge and experience in leading profiles, because our services have already benefited from a dozen or so diverse companies. We will revive your profile, create the right visual identification, increase its reach to get interest and active fans. We do everything to strengthen the image of your brand and increase sales of your products and services.

Running Facebook and specifically publishing interesting texts, curious, original graphics and sales posts increases interest in your services and products. Thanks to this you will reach new, diverse recipients, stop regular fans and gain new ones.

Facebook’s active, dynamic lead maintains contact with users. Facebook is a platform where the most people share their impressions about products and services. Customers value an open and direct relationship with the brand, that’s why you can not neglect communication with your fans.

Leading Facebook allows you to advertise products and services in various forms, which will be tailored to the specifics of the company and recipients. The most important issue of marketing is to define its aims and the target group, that will see your ad. Our marketing agency, after conducting the interview and analysis, will help you determine the direction of marketing activities and the group of users, who will be most interested in your products and services.

Leading Facebook is flexible when it comes to the budget you spend on advertising. It allows you to choose specific parameters, that you want to target and the daily or total budget, that will be allocated to the campaign period. The assumed amount can be changed at any time. You only pay for results – e.g. the number of clicks on your ad’s links or ad’s display.

Leading Facebook has many benefits:

Amplifier presence of the company on the Internet.

Your brand is becoming more recognizable.

The sales of your services and products are increasing.

You build lasting relationships with clients

You get new business contacts

What we offer?

Creating a profile on social media


Creating, selecting and adding entries on the profile

Creating and leading advertising campaigns in social media

Monitor, collect and analyze profile data and advertising campaigns.

How are we doing?


Choice of medium and type of communication and analysis of the potential target group.


Defining the aims, creating a well-thought-out strategy and determining the budget.


Layout when publishing ads and posts on social media.


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