Advertising on cars

We make advertising graphics on cars using various techniques and materials. Our experience and creativity allow us to realize any customer idea.


Various structures, a wide range of colors in matte and gloss versions are only a fraction of our offer. Feel free to contact us!


Offer of car fleet wrapping – we cover both small and large cars.

Changing the color of the car

The total change in the color of the car is a fairly new fashion on the market. It consists in covering all the car elements with a special foil, thus changing their color.

Wrapping motorcycles

In our company, you can also take advantage of professional motorcycle wrapping / lamination.

Quad wrapping

In our extensive offer you will also find professional quad wrapping. We send ready copies to you by post with the exact instructions for the quad application.

Boat wrapping

We will prepare a colorless protective film for your external and internal yacht surfaces. The ready stickers will be sent to you by mail along with the instructions of the application.

Unusual projects

We also offer graphic services, on special order. We’ll be happy to help you create your ad. We even carry out very unusual orders – write to us and we will answer all your questions.

Why is car wrapping a great solution?

Marketing can often be a very time-consuming process, consuming large amounts of money. It is about showing regularly to the recipients and being constantly present. Sometimes it involves huge costs, such as advertising with the help of television, press or radio. Such advertisements, yes, are effective, but they carry a considerable financial expense. Some forms of marketing are, however, universal, available even with relatively small financial outlays


 One of them is to promote the brand using car wrapping. It is a permanent and effective solution.

Our offer

We provide comprehensive services in the field of advertising on cars and other means of transport. We wrap vehicles of various types:

  • Cars
  • Busy
  • Trucks
  • Cargo
  • Profiled
  • Tarpaulin
  • Glazed
  • Fleet

We also make inscriptions and stickers for cars on individual orders:

  • Individual stylizations (a wide range of colors and structures)
  • Wrapping boat
  • Wrapping motorcycles
  • Wrapping quad
  • Dimming car windows
  • Changing the color of the car
  • Unusual projects
We use a variety of modern methods of car wrapping

Graphics cut out with a plotter - one of the simpler methods

Graphics cut out with plotter elements of printed graphics

Graphics printed digitally (the whole area of the car)

Versatile workshop and creativity allow us to realize almost every customer idea.

Our projects