Ambient Marketing – original idea for advertising

Advertisements that surround each of us are mostly standard and trivial, so the next passed on billboards are unnoticeable. The customer must notice our ad, that must stand out from the vast majority of other ads. The answer to these problems is Ambient Marketing, which guarantees all forms of promotion especially custom ones.

This marketing department is very dynamic and you need to be fully prepared for the changing market and standard by realizing advertising campaigns. Ideal ambient marketing should evoke the most important effect, or surprise the recipient. Therefore, it must be an alternative, non-traditional, unconventional, original and niche. His task is to leave a lasting trace in the memory of the recipient, who will initiate discussions among his friends about the advertisement. Ambient Marketing is especially recommended to attract the attention of the recipient who is immune to standard advertising messages.


The use of individual or several factors for advertising purposes is the characteristics of Ambient Marketing e.g. interaction with the environment, interaction with various advertising media.


We take up both good selection of the right environment and the implementation of your campaign. Thanks to this, we can be sure, that no form of traditional advertising will focus such attention on the recipients as just a casual ambient ad.


The main aim to be implemented by ambient marketing is: focusing the customer’s attention in a short time and lead to thinking about the brand or product, which will translate into victory image.


Strategy ambient marketing is a future, that will amaze, entertain and fascinate. It is worth investing in these forms of advertising due to the fact, that it is becoming more and more difficult to interest the customer with traditional advertising.


Success ambient action depends on the freshness and uniqueness of the idea. Our creative team is ready for all types of advertising campaigns. In particular in this area due to the lack of restrictions that ambient marketing provides.

Creating custom advertising creatives is a passion for us and an idea for a decisive distinction from the crowd in the gray of everyday life! We do not think in a figurative way, we go beyond the framework of the advertising world that is obligatory for us. Enough with boredom and repeatability!

Do something that your customers will never forget about!

We’re giving you a few examples that illustrate what we mean:

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